Elgin Township Candidates Need Your Help

Dear friends and neighbors,

I am on the ballot in April to be an Elgin Township Trustee. (You can read about the other candidates here)

I feel that I can make a difference in our community by reshaping the direction the Township is headed most notably how it allocates funding, thereby improving services to seniors as well as the many social services located here in Elgin. With the loss of State funding, it is even more important for us to spend wisely and fairly.

I am excited and energized by this new direction in my life and I could really use your help.

The assistance that I need is as follows:

1st and foremost, I need you to vote. Early voting begins on March 20 and culminates in Election Day on Tuesday April 4.

2nd I would appreciate if you could work to get your friends and neighbors to vote. Many people fail to vote in the municipal elections and, in order to win; we need to get the vote out.

3rd   I need locations to put up signs. If you will allow us to put a sign in your yard, or know of a location where we could put up a larger sign that would be appreciated.

4th    We have a scheduled a series of coffees at our house and would like for you to attend. At the events I will go into detail about what I would like to accomplish at the Township, answer any questions that you may have, as well as having signs and literature that you can share with your friends and neighbors.

Please let me know what session you may be attending so we know how many to expect.


  • Tuesday January 31, 3 PM
  • Thursday February 2, 3 PM
  • Saturday February 4, 11 AM
  • Saturday February 4, 3 PM
  • Sunday February 5, 3 PM

Regards – Vern Tepe

Verner (Vern) Tepe
Verner (Vern) Tepe