Money, Politics and Democracy – You Aren’t Getting What You Want

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7:00PM Elgin Township Democrats are hosting a presentation focused on the influx of enormous sums of money into politics and how it is keeping you from getting what you want. We’ll explore the strange path of Supreme Court decisions that allowed that to happen and the corrosive effect that has on democracy. Finally, we’ll talk about today’s efforts to bring better balance to campaign financing and to the proper functioning of our democracy.

Jack Altschuler, keynote speaker and leadership workshop presenter for Fully Alive Leadership©, will present Money, Politics and Democracy, focusing on:

  • How we got here – A brief summary of legislation designed to reign in big money influence and the court rulings that trumped them all, giving corporations the same status and rights as individual citizens and allowing elections and policy to be bought.
  • What we have now – Ever-increasing political power in the hands of corporations and a very few extremely wealthy individuals. That has given us contorted elections, national stagnation and the undermining of trust in government and of democracy itself. The result is that you aren’t getting what you want.
  • What we can do – We’ll review activities in the states and the Congress to level the political playing field for all Americans so that your voice is heard.

NOTE: This issue has nothing to do with party affiliation or right versus left. This is strictly a non-partisan conversation about America. And there is no charge to attend this event.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – 7:00PM
Elgin Township Democrats
Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren
Elgin, IL

For more information, contact Elgin Township Democrats at (847) 707-0284 or email

About Jack Altschuler

Jack Altschuler has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and leadership workshops, all focused on leadership and what creates the best results. America could use some of those “best results” right now.

He has been a successful entrepreneur, an industry leader and association president. For over 10 years he was a TEC/Vistage Group Chairman, facilitating groups of high performing CEOs. He holds a BS in economics from Miami University (Ohio) and is involved in several philanthropic endeavors.

Jack investigated running for Congress in 2012 but decided against it because the political system required non-stop fundraising, rather than focusing on solving America’s problems and making life better for Americans. Still wanting to make a positive difference, he contributes through his blog, and through his informative and motivating presentations. Money, Politics and Democracy is a program of his creation focused on rallying Americans to become active for change so that we can begin to remove the toxic influence of big money in our politics.