Planting Seeds for a Better Kane County | Cherryl Strathmann

Cherryl Strathmann needs your help. She purchased seed packets to give out while canvasing to promote her campaign for Kane County Board District 20…but that can’t happen until after the ‘stay at home’ order is lifted. She is looking for good homes that want seed in Elgin, IL.

We’ll let Cherryl explain it in her own words.

So… I thought I would be out knocking on doors and passing out seed packets, asking for you to vote for me for Kane County Board in the November election. Going door to door is on hold for right now as we shelter in place. But ! It’s Spring and planting time, and I have seeds. I want to get them out to folks who want some. I have limited varieties, but I’ll share whatever I can. Please send me a PM on Cherryl Strathmann for Kane County Board Facebook page. Let me know what  seeds you are interested in, and if I have them, they are yours! We will set up a delivery date, and get them to you.

Never gardened before? Don’t have a garden plot? I am a Master Gardner through University of Illinois Extension. I can help you with some simple solutions. If you have a flower pot, there are things you can grow to provide fresh food for your family.

So help me out, please. Let me share an abundance of seeds with you. We are in this together, and together we can be planting seeds for a better Kane County.