Winfried Cooper | Sergeant at Arms

Hello, my name is Winfried Cordell Cooper and I’m currently the Sergeant at Arms for the Elgin Township Democrats.

I became a resident in Elgin in 2006 as a student of Elgin High. After i graduated a year later I attended Elgin Community College where i wanted to know how to help people. I decided to take time off to get more hands on experience, so i successfully joined the Elgin Image Commission followed by the Elgin Human Relations Commission.

Feeling I can be more effective than a few meetings each month, I decided to join the Elgin Township Democrats and become more active as a leader in a role as the precinct committee person in the 11 precinct.

While sticking to my motto “Voting is an Investment” I have been making positive changes in my neighborhood. As Sergeant at Arms it is my job to defend and protect the party so I could help countless candidates across the county.