Obama ‘failures’ didn’t come true

A letter to the editor from Arthur P. Malm

Originally published by the Daily Herald on November 20, 2014

I just returned from the Florida panhandle. The beach is sugar white sand, the water a stunning turquoise. The Louisiana oysters large and delicious. I remembered how harshly President Obama was criticized for his “mishandling” of the massive Gulf oil spill disaster.

Our country is free of Ebola without any fatalities from infection on American shores. Remember how the president was condemned for “having no Ebola control strategy”?

Unemployment is under 6 percent. Remember how Obama’s economic policies would certainly throw our nation into a deep depression? How many times have we heard how Obama would nationalize our auto industry, take away our guns and how our nation’s annual deficit would continue unabated at $1.7 trillion for decades to come?

I could go on, but you catch my drift. If conservatives went to Vegas and placed bets on everything they predicted about President Obama and his policies they’d have been bankrupt long ago, no matter how much money the Koch brothers stuffed into their pockets along the way.

The Obamacare website was up and running soon enough last year to exceed its subscription projections. Our nation’s economy was certain to be crushed by Obamacare according to almost every Republican. Check out the S&P growth since 2009 or 2013. Didn’t happen. Rather than its destruction, the American health care system has been one of the very best sectors for investors over the past two years.

We need to start paying attention and track what was predicted by who and when and whether they were right or wrong. Only then should we form our opinions and vote. That being said, any Democratic candidate who ran away from the president in this past election cycle didn’t deserve to win.

Let’s start paying attention to history, folks, and vote accordingly