Trump is Dangerous

According to Trump, the election was “rigged” until the Russian meddling and FBI Director Comey helped him win. Now the news about Putin’s involvement and the hacks are “fake” news and polls that show, at 37%, he has the lowest polling ratings of any incoming President are “rigged”.

Of course Rep John Lewis, that was almost killed on bridge marching for voting rights in Selma in 1964, is “all talk” according to Trump when he said he would boycott Trump’s inauguration because he was “illegitimate” due to Russian involvement.

Trump has already sided with Putin and criticized the unanimous report by the US intelligence community accusing the Russian of hacking the DNC, John Podesta, providing the info to Julian Assange at Wikileaks and spreading disinformation that tilted the election against Clinton. Now Putin is blaming Obama for trying to undermine Trump.

When will Americans understand that embracing a communist dictator that annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine and help slaughter thousands of civilians in Aleppo while saying our CIA is “akin to Nazis” and that NATO is obsolete, is courting disaster!

Trump in the White House thretens our national security.