Precinct Committee People

Its election time again!

Time to get out in our precincts and gather the signatures needed to be placed on the ballot to become (or remain) elected Precinct Committee People (PCs).  In order to make your work easier, I’ve partially filled out the petition available for download on this page with the information for the Elgin Township that is common for everyone.  Please complete your personal information where needed with name address and zip code. 

Download the Elgin Precinct Committee Person Petition

Fill in your info and get your signatures. Return to Elgin Dems before 11/22/2019.

Download the Elgin Petition here

While you only need ten signatures to get on the ballot, it is always recommended to get two or three times the signatures required. This applies for any position in government because there is always a chance that someone will contest a batch of petitions. It is critical that even if some signatures or pages get rejected, the candidate will still have more than the required amount to be on the ballot.

When you walk your precinct getting your own signatures, feel free to bring along petitions for one or two of your favorite candidates who are also running. Higher offices need greater amounts of signatures. An extra ten or twenty signatures gathered from each of us can lift a lot of effort from our officials so they can concentrate on what’s important, running our government with the democratic ideals that benefit everybody.

Remember that all petitions need to be notarized.  During election season, we often have notaries at our monthly meetings who are ready to notarize your petitions. So please feel free to bring in your petitions when you come to our next meeting. As an added bonus, if everyone brings their signed PC petitions in to us, we can file them all at the same time.  This adds another level of auditing for ETD and the county.

I hear a few of you saying “This sounds like a lot of work. Why would anyone want to be an Elected Precinct Committee Person?” As an elected PC you have a vote in who runs the Elgin Township Democrats as well as who is in charge of the Kane County Democrats. Your vote is also weighted based on how many active voters are in your precinct. So your voice is strong as you increase voter turnout in your precinct. Remember, these are your neighbors and you can help be their voice in government.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 630-890-3460. If you’ve already notarized for petitions you can drop them at 210 Wing Park Blvd. 

Let’s all get elected and fill our precincts with active voters.

Thank you!

Carl Strathmann
Elgin Township Democrats Chairman

2019 Filing Period

Monday, November 25, 2019. The last day of filing is Monday, December 2, 2019 and the office will be open until 5:00 p.m.

FYI: The Kane County Clerk’s office will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 28 & 29, 2019.