This is the Foundation for Getting Our Democratic Candidates Elected

Now Is The Time

  • to walk your precinct and really get acquainted with your constituents.
  • to make sure that their phone numbers and email addresses are correct.
  • to make sure that everyone in the household eligible to vote is registered.
  • to answer any questions they may have.
  • to offer them yard signs and ask if they willing to help phone bank
  • to invite them to our meetings and our website for current news.
  • to make sure they know that they can meet candidates and elected officials at our meetings.
  • to make sure that those who are disabled know how to get absentee ballots.
  • to ask if they are willing to hold an event in their home for their neighbors at some point in the future?
  • to inquire of they interested in being a poll watcher or election judge. (remember that judges are paid.)

You can become a deputy voter registrar. We can help get people registered to vote. We can help you learn to use Votebuilder.  We can help you update Votebuilder information.

Let’s start with each precinct committeeperson getting a list of strong Dems and visiting each and every one.  If they don’t answer the door the first time, go back as many times as it takes to talk to them one-on-one.  Can it be done in one month?

Next month move on to Leaning Dems and do the same. Beyond that, Independents, No Data, etc. voters can be contacted.  Even Leaning Republicans if you feel brave enough.

This is the foundation for getting our Democratic candidates elected.